About Riemann Agriculture


黎曼农业金融衍生品交易市场 (“Riemann”) is an Australian company that creates and designs tradeable financial and non-financial products for the agricultural markets.

Since 2012 Riemann has been an important contributor to the agricultural industries goal of enabling agricultural market participants (growers, producers and others in the agriculture value chain) to have access to forward price transparency and relevant risk management products to best manage their forward agricultural price risk exposures.

Riemann licensed financial products are now available for trade on electronic regulated platforms which operate under an Australian Market License that allows for the offering and trading of these agricultural financial products.

Please refer to the product tab on this site for specific product information and check your local publication or landline.com.au for prices and data.

如需更多了解市场交易合约产品的情况, please contact your broker for trading or Riemann directly for product information.

如果有意联系黎曼市场, 请致电 +61 2 8024 5200 or email products@riemann.com.au.